About Golden Goblin Games

The Legend

Once upon a time, in an imaginary land far, far away, a greedy little green goblin was dreaming of gold and riches. One must understand he was weary of eating rats on a stick and sleeping under the trees. With nobody to turn to, the sad goblin prayed under the full moon to Lenlen, the old god of tricksters.

"Oh, Lenlen, I implore you! Cover me with gold and show me the way to eternal happiness!"

The treacherous god, hearing the unreasonable plea, turned the skin of the goblin from green to gold.

"Waaaaaah! That's not what I meant by cover me in gold! Oh, have mercy, At least, please show me the way to happiness..."

Lenlen took pity of the poor goblin and sent a luminescent comet in the dark sky. Following its fiery trail, the golden goblin came upon a deserted house. Judging by its architecture, it must have been inhabited by some ingenious gnomes. The house was full of games and thus did the golden goblin find happiness.

The Truth

www.GoldenGoblinGames.com is run by Golden Goblin Games Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 2015 by Jean-S├ębastien Dupuis (JS) and Wannapat Pongtepin (Bow), a Thai-Canadian couple with a passion for board gaming.

The goal of Golden Goblin Games is to promote and sell board games across Thailand. We have a brick and mortar store located in Chiang Mai and a website so that everyone across the kingdom can order games from the comfort of their home.

We are an official Games Workshop retailer.

We are an official Wizards of the Coast retailer with WPN Premium designation.

At Golden Goblin Games, we are proud to run a 100% legit business. Our company and our website are both registered with the Department of Business Development (DBD); you can click on the DBD logo in the footer of all pages to verify. Our company also collects and pays VAT to the government; we provide tax invoices to all customers. When you pay us, the money goes into a corporate bank account audited by an accountant, not a personal bank account. You can trust us.

The Shop

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