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Ashes: The King of Titans

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In Aenda Woodrass, the denizens of the desert oasis have struck a delicate accord with the laws of Nature. Xander Heartsblood rises to defend that accord to the death. Calling upon the ancient ways of the nomadic shamans as well as the terrifying power of his dinosaur conjurations, Xander channels the raw magic of Nature to bear down on those who would invade the sacred ground he now calls home. Balance the power of Nature and Divine magic to unleash the titans of the desert on unsuspecting prey.

Set Contents:
Xander Heartsblood x 1
Earthquake x 3
Summon Cerasaurus Mount x 3
Summon Archasaurus Mount x 3
Law of Domination x 3
Sacred Ground x 3
Raptor Herder x 3
Pain Shaman x 3
Summon Shining Hydra x 3
Nature's Wrath x 3
Mass Heal x 3
Cerasaurus Mount Conjuration x 3
Raptor Hatchling Conjuration x 3
Shining Hydra Conjuration x 3
Archasaurus Mount Conjuration x 1
Shining Hydra Head Conjuration x 7

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Publisher Plaid Hat Games
Language English
SKU PHG-1214
Weight (kg) 0.1200
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