Green Policy

Most shops turn a blind eye to plastic wastes that endanger our environment and wrap products in layers of air bubble sheets. At Golden Goblin Games, we think green and are committed to minimize our impact on the environment.

Green Shipping

With dozens of parcels being sent to our customers every week, we had to think green.

  • We designed our own boxes to fit the size of standard board games and Warhammer products. This way, we use and consume less filling material.
  • We produce our own 5-layer parcel boxes which are thicker and stronger than average boxes on the market. They protect against damage and can be reused by our customers.
  • We use recycled newspapers to fill boxes instead of plastic air bubble sheets.
  • We reuse filling material coming from our suppliers’ shipments.

Plastic does not protect more than newspaper. It is just a myth. Our team has over 5 years’ experience with shipping and 99.9% of our customers received their product in perfect condition.

That said, if you really want air bubbles, please send us a request and we will respect your choice.

Green Store

We have a brick & mortar store for walk-in customers and community space for Magic the Gathering and Warhammer players. Here is what we do.

  • We use paper bags.
  • We provide free drinking water instead of selling bottled water.
  • We provide paper straws.

When buying board games, think outside of the box: think green.

Thank you for using Golden Goblin Games and helping minimize plastic wastes.

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