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Monolyth (Thai version)

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The Gods Show their Power Through their MonolythsTowering structures made of perfectly-fitted, multi-colored stones, the monolyths have stood since the dawn of time. Elders, soothsayers, and diviners have tried to pry secrets from the stone, but only the gods know their true purpose. Are they a history of past events? A prophecy of what’s to come? Or perhaps a bit of both?

In Monolyth, a game by Phil Walker-Harding, players must arrange different colored blocks in order to create their structure. Players can score points in multiple ways, from finishing their structure quickly, to building the structure shown on their card, to fulfilling prophecies of having certain colored stones in certain places in their structure. In the end, one god will score the most points and be declared the greatest builder of them all.

  • Massive Stones
    Monolyth contains 80 sturdy, colored, plastic blocks, ready to be built in innumerable ways on player’s boards.
  • Many Ways to Build
    With different prophecies, structure cards, and a plethora of blocks, no two structures will ever be the same. Test different strategies to come out ahead.
  • Solo Variant
    Nobody else showed up for game night? No problem. Monolyth includes a solo variant.
More Information
ManufacturerTower Tactic Games
Minimum Number of Players1
Maximum Number of Players4
Suggested Age8+
Duration (minutes)30
Weight (kg)1.253000
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