What's Escape: Zombie City?

Let’s start with what Escape Zombie City is not. It is not Escape The Cursed Temple with a zombie theme. What it is, is a real-time, cooperative game, the timer for the game is a soundtrack. But this game plays in 15 min. and there are two phases to the game: collection of goods, spawning and fighting of zombies and than in the second phase of the game a cooperative escape from the city in a van loaded up with the collected goods fighting more zombies along the way.


  • Escape Zombie City (Base game)
  • Escape Zombie City: The Survival Chronicles Expansion 1
DesignerKristian Amundsen Østby
ผู้ผลิตQueen Games
ระยะเวลา (นาที)15
น้ำหนัก (กก.)2.720000
กว้าง (ซม.)30
ความสูง (ซม.)9.4
ความยาว (ซม.)43
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