John Company (Second Edition with Metal Coins)

Available March 2022

In John Company, players collectively guide the fate of the Company by securing positions of power and using them to benefit their own interests. As they climb through the Company's ranks, players will find themselves directing critical trade missions, bribing members of Parliament for favors, and jockeying for advantageous marriages during the London Season. If you've ever wanted to play a board game with the narrative scope and skullduggery of a Victorian novel, John Company is your game. 

John Company offers its players an  unparalleled economic sandbox that covers the history of the Company from 1710 to 1857 using four scenarios. Once players get comfortable with the games first scenario, they can explore a wide range of challenges, including the end of the Company's monopoly and the growth of enterprising private firms. 

Though massive in scope, John Company relies on a fundamentally simple core that teaches players how to play while they play. Turns begin with players assigning their children to various career paths and then continues through the step-by-step operation of the Company. Players are always able to negotiate so there's almost no downtime between actions.

ผู้ผลิตWehrlegig Games
ระยะเวลา (นาที)240
น้ำหนัก (กก.)3.000000
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