The Army Painter: Mega Brush Set


ALL PURPOSES COVERED – this collection of brushes is intended to cover all your needs when painting wargames miniature models. The brushes are made respectively with synthetic Toray and natural Sable hair fit perfectly to their

NAMES TO FIT – to help you out we have named the brushes to guide you to their purpose – despairing with having to choose between sizes 6 down to 000? No worries! Need to paint details? Grab a Detail Brush!

FREE KOLINSKY SABLE MASTERCLASS BRUSH – to really spoil you we have included our top of the line Kolinsky Masterclass Detail brush for free in the set! The special Kolinsky Sable brush tip can carry a lot of paint and have the perfect snap to present you with the absolute best conditions for fine detail

COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIP – all our detail brushes are equipped with the The Army Painter signature triangular grip to ensure a comfortable grip for those long nighttime painting sessions. Don’t let a cramp get in the way of your
painting deadline

EUROPEAN QUALITY – all brushes are handmade, and quality checked in Germany to ensure the best possible quality.

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