This month we journey into the underhive as Necromunda returns! We give you the complete lowdown on this classic game now returned in a great new edition, with a battle report, painting guides and much, much more. And, of course, it's not all Necromunda, not by any means. We've got:

• Starting a Gang War: Our in-depth feature on the new Necromunda: Underhive!
• Battle in the Badzone: Our Necromunda Battle Report.
• Conquerin a Realm: We look at the Seasons of War: Firestorm expansion and the team kick off a campaign.
• Armies on Parade 2017: Our first look at some of this year's entries.
• Golden Demon: Classic 2017.
• 'Eavy Metal Masters: The spotlight falls on Tom Winstone.
• Adapt and Conquer: Jes Bickham talks us through the new Codex: Tyranids.
• Brotherhood of Iron: A stunning Imperial Knights army.
• The Return of Battle Companies: New rules for the Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game!
• Sprues and Glue: Building Your Own Necromunda Gang.
• Paint Splatter: Stage-by-stage painting guides for House Goliath and House Escher gangs in Necromunda, plus Craftworlds Saim-Hann and Ulthwé in Warhammer 40,000!
• Blanchitsu!
• …and more!

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