Golden Goblin Games has many games in stock ready to be shipped anywhere in Thailand. If we do not have what you are looking for, you can still order it on our website. Please read the following to understand the different types of order.

1) Standard Orders (product in stock)

Standard orders can be identified by the status "In stock" and the blue "Add to Cart" button. This means the product is at our store ready to be shipped!

When you place an order on our website, you will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder.


2) Orders On Demand (product not in stock)

Orders on demand can be identified by a status such as "Temporarily out of stock" or "Order on Demand" and a blue "Back-Order" or “Pre-Order” button. This means that we do not have the product in stock.

If the product states "Order on Demand", we will not restock it unless a customer places an order. If you place an order and pay, we will do our best to get you a copy.

If the product states "Temporarily out of stock", we have already ordered a restock from our suppliers and are waiting for a copy. 


What is the difference between a “Back-Order” and a “Pre-Order”?

A Back-Order is an order for a product that has already been released but awaiting a restock or a reprint.

A Pre-Order is an order for a product that has not been released on the market yet. We normally receive new releases one or two months after the official US release date.


What happens when I place a back-order?

When you place a back-order, we forward your order to one of the official distributors in Thailand. The distributor, who has all the import licenses, consolidates the orders from many Thai shops and forward them once a month either directly to the publisher or to an even bigger distributor located in the USA or China. Huge shipments may take longer to arrive but this is how we can offer you games at an affordable price.

How long will I have to wait for a back-order?

If you are very lucky, one of the distributors in Thailand has a copy of your product at their warehouse. We do not need to wait for a shipment to arrive and can fulfill your order within a week.

If you are lucky, a restock of your product is already on the way to Thailand and we can fulfill your order within a month.

If you are less lucky, your order has to be forwarded all the way to the publisher and we have to wait for the next big shipment. It can take one or two months.

If you are unlucky, it could take many months (note that you can cancel your order anytime).

  • your product might be out-of-print on the market and we have to wait and see if it will be reprinted at the factory
  • your product might not be available anywhere in the supply chain and we have to wait and see if it will be restocked by an International Distributor
  • your product might be on hold at the Thai distributor because they can only order a full case of your product and there is not enough demand in Thailand.

As you can see, the waiting time can vary from a week to many months. Feel free to contact us to get an estimate prior to placing a back-order.

Please note that International Distributors and Publishers don't have real-time inventory systems as they have huge volume of stocks in and out each day, so we cannot check the status of each product. What we normally do is to place an order with a Thai Distributor. Once the Thai Distributor places an order with an International Distributor or a Publisher, they will update the status of the products in their system. Then we can estimate the waiting time.

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